Monday, October 22, 2012

Painting our Bike Puzzle

We talked about positive space, negative space, primary colors, secondary colors, and complementary color pairs.


  1. Hi! I'm on stumbleupon right now and I came across this page, I feel it's necessary you know that I'm going to school currently with an Art Education major and I love this idea! I'm just curious how each student got what part of the bike and how it ended up that all the pieces matched up in the end? If it's okay with you I may steal this idea! It is SO cute! :)

  2. I folded 24X36 papers into 8 9X12 sections, coded the sections on the back, the hung them on the wall and set up a bike with a light directed on it, so the shadow fit on the papers- students put their name in a section, and traced that part of the shadow, then I cut them apart, we painted them, then used the code to put the puzzle back together- good luck with this project, it's fun :)