Monday, October 15, 2012

Game Time!

I have been so inspired by the Roll-a-Miro game that another art teacher pinned on Pinterest.

What a fun way to incorporate a little art appreciation into the art room.
My newest version is Roll-a-Picasso.
I have a visual library of cubist portraits painted by Picasso.  Students are able to look at these images and find the 'parts' they see in the game.

We haven't played it yet, can't wait!

A similar game that we have been playing is Create-a-Creature - the kids love the randomness, and I love that the roll of the dice takes a lot of the fear out of getting started.

(It is a great activity for days when there is a substitute teacher in the art room)


  1. A great sub lesson - or for early finishers.
    Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Elizabeth (above) suggested that I add this to my sub lesson blog. Here's a link:


  3. Great Idea! Thanks!
    chris at

  4. Saw your Picasso game on Snippety's sub lesson blog. Love it! These are great for art centers too!

  5. You made my day! I made the Miro game to use with my students (they loved it) and posted it on Pinterest. It is so cool to see that it inspired you. I love the Picasso game and plan to use it too! Thank you! Susan Martin

  6. Thanks for the comments (and sorry for the cruddy game pictures) - I hope to update soon with pretty new PDFs

  7. Thanks heaps for sharing! - I am going to try a create some versions to go in my relief folder! I have some downloadable design sheets on my site - feel free to use and share :0)

  8. My students loved I created..roll a cartoon.

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