Monday, September 24, 2012

My Paint Cart

This is where students get their paint and other materials on painting days

foil to mix on, towels to dry dirty water off of brushes
I love our little cups of primary colors!


  1. It's good to be organized, makes everything go so more smoothly! Can you tell me about using foil to mix on? Do you wrap it around anything for stability? I think it would make clean up easy, is it more economical than throw-away paper plates?

  2. So, this is very interesting to me. I am always the one preparing paint and set-up. I've never considered having the kids be in charge. Is this what you do for every grade level?

  3. All students get their own paint and paintbrush- I still deliver water buckets to K-1 tables. They share water, towel, and mixing palette.

    I just today replaced foil with magazines- they mix on the top page, then tear it off & toss at the end of class-free! I think that idea came from

  4. The individual paint cups with lids are saving my sanity- I can usually save the paint by scooping some out if a little of another color gets mixed in - if not, I'm only rinsing out a little paint to replace, rather than washing 24 trays, managing an insane sink, or tossing way too much unused paint. Our foodservice director ordered them for me- 2oz soufle cups with lids!