Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome Back!

TJ has officially survived it's first week of school!  I have to say, starting on a Wednesday is FABULOUS!  The first full Monday-Friday week can be exhausting for kids AND teachers - getting our bodies and minds adjusted to the school year schedules (Have to admit I am STARVING by lunch time - goodbye, summer-time snacks whenever I please...)

I am so excited to get rolling with some fun new projects this year, and share LOTS of photos.  So, follow me here, friend the artroom on facebook (look up MrsHumpal's Artroom), and keep an eye on - One of my goals this year is to post, post, post online so you can see/comment/share on all the wonderful work your kids are doing.

Welcome to another year at TJ!  Let's make it AMAZING!

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